The Dog Diaries : Billy and Ollie

Here’s Billy’s puppy Ollie, our favourite Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at PledgeforPaws:


 In response to our Benefits Of Grooming post:

“I didn’t groom him for a long time and he got quite messy. I read the Pledge For Paws post on the importance of grooming and realised that there are benefits for Ollie himself, not only his appearance. I’m going to regularly make appointments to get Ollie groomed now. Thanks Pledge For Paws.”




The importance of grooming

Grooming your dog can be considered a chore to all our busy people at PledgeforPaws. But did you know that grooming your dog maintains both their physical health as well as their appearance?

  • Brushing: Removes dead hair, dirt and dandruff. Regular brushing also brings out the natural oils in the dog’s fur, you’re enhancing their Pantene shine!
  • Abnormalities: You can check your dog for any skin problems whilst grooming them, such as ticks, fleas, dry patches and/or any issues with their nails, teeth, ears and eyes such as infection or inflammation. Regular grooming means that you can detect them at its early stages before there’s a chance that anything gets more serious.
  • Better mentality: An improved mental state results from regular grooming. Dogs that feel good, are good. For example, a dog whose hair has grown too long around their eyes could impair their vision, causing them to act out and be fearful. Also, they may be less energetic and active if they have long nails because they are in pain from when they run around and play. This can lead to serious conditions such as depression, aggressive behaviour and generally, being an unhappy dog.




What kinds of food can your dog eat?

If there’s something that all of us dog owners know, it’s that they eat just about anything. No, wait. They do eat anything.
It’s a regular occurrence, whenever we’re eating they’re glancing up at us with puppy dog eyes or maybe hitting us with their legs to remind us that yes they are there, and yes they can eat what we’re eating.


For those of you who are worried what ‘human-food’ you’re allowed to feed your dog, we’ll give you the list:

  • Peanut butter – Say what? Now we can share spoonfuls out of the tub with our pooch. Peanut butter is a good source of protein, contains healthy fats and vitamin B.
  • Cooked chicken – A core ingredient in most specifically made dog food, cooked chicken makes a good replacement if you want to give your dog something different.
  • Yoghurt – High in calcium and protein, we too can share the benefits of this dairy product with our dogs.
  • Eggs – A new breakfast for your dog? Eggs are a good source of protein, easily digestive riboflavin and selenium making them a healthy snack.