Sculpture (and dog walk) by the Sea!


One of Sydney’s most loved events, Sculpture by the Sea, is back for the stunning Bondi to Tamarama coast walk from 23 October – 9 November!

What better way to enjoy it than with your fellow best friend walking right next to you, enjoying the view, the walk and the fresh air!


  • Your dog(s) must be on a leash
  • It can get really busy with joggers, art-lovers and fellow dog-walkers – your best bet is to avoid the weekends and go either really early in the morning or after 3pm on weekdays, when the school groups have gone and the after-work joggers aren’t at it yet.
  • Dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches of Bondi, Bronte or Tamarama.
  • They are allowed in certain areas of the parks – see here for more details:

 Find out more at the SxS website here or check out the Facebook event here!

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Top 5 dog friendly off-leash spots in Sydney

We’re all guilty of coming home to our beloved canine, knowing they’ve spent yet another day sitting by the window or the backyard gate waiting for us, yet we fail to treat them to a walk. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most dog-friendly off-leash areas of Sydney. Our pleasure.

1. Centennial Parklands, Sydney


City location, lush greenery, mangroves in the lake, rows of trees for a good sniff, trees, grass, green – you get the idea. Dogs love to explore nature, and what better way to do it than off-leash! After a long day of playing in the dun, wind down at Wolf Cafe, where you can tie your dog up and have a coffee with fellow dog-owners.

Click here for a map of the off-leash and on-leash areas.

2. Bronte Park and Gully, Bronte


If being close to the water tickles your dog’s fancy, jump onto the 12 month off-leash trial at Bronte Park and Gully from 3pm-10am. It’s the perfect combo of greenery and beach-ery to make the most of Sydney’s sunny days! Support the trial which ends in December 2014, and who knows, your visit there might just encourage the council to make it an off-leash spot permanently!

Click here for a map of the designated off-leash/on-leash areas.

3. Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Camperdown


This is one of PledgeForPaw’s favs and a hit with the locals. A designated area bound by Federation Road, Church Street, the St Stephens Church wall and the diagonal path leading from the church boundary to Federation Road is a timed off leash dog exercise area between the hours of 5pm and 9am every day – perfect for after work-walks or morning-people! 

4. Henley Park, Enfield


For those in the inner-west suburbs, Henley Park is your one-stop shop for having a killer day with your dog and family. There’s a designated off-leash area, a running track spanning the whole park, bbq facilities and a public pool for some fun in the sun with your family and friends.    Feel free to pop by the Flower Power after your walk and tick off ‘gardening’ on your to-do list too!

5. Rowland Reserve, Bayview

rowland reserve dog beach

For those situated closer to the northern suburbs of Sydney, Rowland Reserve is your go-to off leash area. Your pooch is treated to the luxury of choosing whether to play in the park or swim at the beach, and who’s to say you can’t join in the fun too!

If you have any suggestions, comment below and share your thoughts with fellow Sydney-siders!

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