The Dog Diaries: Sarah and Suni – Surgery Woes

Meet the other half of PledgeforPaws – Sarah and her beautiful Chihuahua x Silky Terrier, Suni.


 “Suni’s due in for surgery next month. Two weeks ago, as I was playing with her in my study break, I noticed a small lump under her arm. I took her to the vet and the scan showed it wasn’t serious, but it would be best to get it removed. It was pretty scary waiting for the scan results, but she’s okay and I’m glad I detected that early.”

 We wish Suni all the best for the surgery and a speedy recovery!


The Dog Diaries: Jules, Teddy and Chubby – One big happy family

PledgeforPaws talked to Jules about growing up with her two dogs, Teddy and Chubby.

dog1   dog2

 “I’ve had Teddy since 2003 and Chubby was soon born in 2005 – they’re father and son. I was quite young when we got Teddy, so my parents had a lot of responsibility for them and I just showed them love and care. As I grew older, I naturally assumed the responsibility and now I’m pretty much the ‘mother’ to both Teddy and Chubby – feeding them, taking them on walks and washing them. They’re really good dogs, they trust me and they’re well behaved around strangers. I think it has a lot to do with the love they receive in our family.”

The Dog Diaries: Chris and Millie – Dogs in Apartments

PledgeforPaws caught up with local North Shore resident Chris and his gorgeous blonde babe – Millie the Moodle (Maltese x Poodle). They’ve recently moved from a house with a backyard to an apartment, so it’s been a tough change for Millie, especially being 14 years old (that’s 98 years old in human years!).


“With regular walks around the block, ending at the local park, Millie’s kept active and gets fresh air,” says Chris. “She loves a good walk, but surprisingly, she loves to run around the apartment too, so it’s a win-win for her! People living in apartments think they shouldn’t get a dog, but in reality, it’s not any different if you put in the effort, time and care.”

The Dog Diaries: Jenny and Charlotte – Managing time apart

PledgeforPaws talked to Jenny and her beautiful Labrador, Charlotte. Jenny is currently overseas on exchange, and as time only makes the heart grow fonder, she was more than happy to talk to us about Charlotte.


“This is me and Charlotte spending some good quality time on our backyard patio. I miss Charlotte everyday. Being away from her has made me realise how much I enjoy the little things with her – just having her as company when I watch TV, getting some fresh air together, and even spending summer with her in the pool. I know when I come back, I’m going to appreciate her more and show that to her.”

The Dog Diaries: Jess and Milo – Changing Circumstances

PledgeforPaws caught up with Jess and her dog Milo. As her sister’s asthma became more severe, it meant that Milo could no longer live with Jess in their house, so Milo’s been staying with a good family friend.


“There are many days where I miss having Milo living with me. But, I guess it’s part of responsible dog ownership to make sure Milo’s being taken care of with people I trust, and I’m happy that I can drive over and see him anytime. The most important thing I’ve learnt through all of this, is that you have to stay positive and happy, because that’s reflected in your mood when you see your dog!”