The Dog Diaries: Simba the cavoodle

Meet Simba, one of our favourite cavoodles at PledgeforPaws!


“Simba loves going out and being outside. I can tell that he gets really restless when he hasn’t been walked for a couple of days. Whenever someone signals that they’re going to go outside, Simba gets really excited and if he doesn’t get to go too he starts to cry. I’ve learnt the importance of walking Simba regularly; he really does become a happier dog. I try to walk him as much as possible.”



The Dog Diaries : Billy and Ollie

Here’s Billy’s puppy Ollie, our favourite Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at PledgeforPaws:


 In response to our Benefits Of Grooming post:

“I didn’t groom him for a long time and he got quite messy. I read the Pledge For Paws post on the importance of grooming and realised that there are benefits for Ollie himself, not only his appearance. I’m going to regularly make appointments to get Ollie groomed now. Thanks Pledge For Paws.”



The Dog Diaries: Steph and Chai

Meet Steph , one half of the dog-loving-duo that manages PledgeforPaws!


“This is me and my dog spending the night together doing what we do best – Saturday night movies! I’m always snacking on the couch, and I can’t resist giving him one bite of what I’m eating. But I’ve never given him chocolate, I know it’s really bad for dogs and that’s the one thing I refuse to give him, even if he pulls the puppy dog eyes on me!”