Sculpture (and dog walk) by the Sea!


One of Sydney’s most loved events, Sculpture by the Sea, is back for the stunning Bondi to Tamarama coast walk from 23 October – 9 November!

What better way to enjoy it than with your fellow best friend walking right next to you, enjoying the view, the walk and the fresh air!


  • Your dog(s) must be on a leash
  • It can get really busy with joggers, art-lovers and fellow dog-walkers – your best bet is to avoid the weekends and go either really early in the morning or after 3pm on weekdays, when the school groups have gone and the after-work joggers aren’t at it yet.
  • Dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches of Bondi, Bronte or Tamarama.
  • They are allowed in certain areas of the parks – see here for more details:

 Find out more at the SxS website here or check out the Facebook event here!

Image sourced from here.


2 thoughts on “Sculpture (and dog walk) by the Sea!

  1. Thanks WedThyself! A lot of people (especially non-locals) don’t immediately think of walking their dog along the SxS stretch, so we wanted to get the word out there- you can and you should! – SL


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