The Dog Diaries: Jenny and Charlotte – Managing time apart

PledgeforPaws talked to Jenny and her beautiful Labrador, Charlotte. Jenny is currently overseas on exchange, and as time only makes the heart grow fonder, she was more than happy to talk to us about Charlotte.


“This is me and Charlotte spending some good quality time on our backyard patio. I miss Charlotte everyday. Being away from her has made me realise how much I enjoy the little things with her – just having her as company when I watch TV, getting some fresh air together, and even spending summer with her in the pool. I know when I come back, I’m going to appreciate her more and show that to her.”


2 thoughts on “The Dog Diaries: Jenny and Charlotte – Managing time apart

  1. It’s so heart warming to see such a strong bond between owners and their pets. I wish I could spend that kind of quality time with my dog, except I’ve started to become allergic to him and I keep my distance now. It’s actually really sad, I miss him sleeping next to me or next to my foot when I’m up late cramming assignments 😦


  2. Thanks for your comment Antiawkwardturtle, and I’m sorry to hear about that – it is most unfortunate. I’m sure your dog is getting twice as much love from your family members, but if you are living alone or this is an ongoing, problem, it’s always best to put yourself in your dogs shoes and see how your dog is reacting to your inability to be close together. Always give a voice to your dog! – SL


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