Sydney gives back to Dog owners – Free dog obedience training


Pet ownership makes an enormous difference in an owner’s life, and it’s even better when we can share this with other dog owners. It’s even, even better when you can do this for free!

 Cue- the magnificent City of Sydney’s free dog training courses!


  • The Council wants to work actively with the community to provide responsible dog ownership
  • Provides pet owners with the tools to look after their dog properly
  • Decreases the potential for dog attacks
  • Decreases nuisance behaviour as dogs are well exercised and socialized

How do I join?

If you’re a local resident of Sydney CBD and inner city suburbs, you can attend free dog obedience training lessons with your dog in one of the City of Sydney’s dog-friendly parks, provided by specialist company Pro Canine.

  • The classes run for six weeks and are open to all breeds of dog, as long as they are over five months old and are up-to-date with all their vaccinations – they are very strict on this point (for good reason)
  • The classes last half an hour and take place in parks across the City of Sydney
  • The training course helps you and other dog owners learn and practice the skills you need to maintain a well-mannered dog.

 Classes must be booked, so find out the details here!


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