The Dog Diaries: Steph and Chai

Meet Steph , one half of the dog-loving-duo that manages PledgeforPaws!


“This is me and my dog spending the night together doing what we do best – Saturday night movies! I’m always snacking on the couch, and I can’t resist giving him one bite of what I’m eating. But I’ve never given him chocolate, I know it’s really bad for dogs and that’s the one thing I refuse to give him, even if he pulls the puppy dog eyes on me!”



4 thoughts on “The Dog Diaries: Steph and Chai

    • Right! Chocolate contains a type of caffeine that can be easily broken down within human digestive systems, but it’s not so easy for a dog’s! Because this remains in their digestive system it can become extremely toxic for them.
      Thanks for the comment, jenniferliuunsw!


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