Your dog – what are Your responsibilities?

Your dog, therefore your responsibility

Requirements for Animal Ownership:


Much like the ‘Find Your iPhone’ application on the majority of our phones, yes, we can track down lost pets through microchipping technology! Make sure your pooch has been implanted with a microchip from at least 12 weeks of age!



Much like our birth certificates registering us into the human system, dogs need to be registered into the doggy system as well! Your dog must be registered with its local council by 6 months of age.



We have drivers’ licenses, dogs have collars. Dogs must wear collars identifying their name, address or phone number of their owner. Think of it as a security measure if something were to happen to them. Better safe than sorry!


Don’t let them escape!

Some dogs want to be adventurous and roam foreign grounds. Dog owners must take all reasonable precautions to prevent their pup from escaping from the property in which it is being kept.





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