Dog-Law Abiding Citizen – Are you breaking the law?


5 Reasons why being a responsible dog owner means you #scoopyourpoop.

1. Leaving dog faeces in public is against the law. 

Law Yes, we all know it’s unsightly and bad manners to leave your dog’s business without scooping it up. But it is actually against the law – specifically, your legal bible being: the Companion Animals Act 1998. Heavy stuff, people, so get on scooping.

2. Failure to pick up after your pet in public areas can incur on-the-spot fines.


A minimum of $275 to be exact in Sydney. For those students out there, transit officers’ fines are one fine too many. Don’t add another one to your minus-savings account!

3. Leaving dog faeces in areas where dogs are prohibited will risk a double fine – including children’s play areas and school grounds. Mums with bubs and pups – be aware!


  1. Dog faeces pollutes waterways when washed in by rainwater, effecting water quality and habitat for native animals, and can make beaches and rivers unsafe for swimming. Don’t do it.


5. Leaving dog faeces is dangerous – injuries can occur from slipping in dog faeces.

It’s true, and it’s a real concern – coming straight from the City of Sydney guide to Dog Waste. Karma’s warning you, dog-owners!

paw prints 1


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