The Pledge for Paws Initiative!

Dogue meem edited

What is Pledge for Paws?

Pledge for Paws is an initiative launched by two university students in Sydney (and fellow all-things-dog lovers) to encourage dog owners in Sydney to #take the pledge of being more responsible for their dogs, and consequently, create safer and dog-lurvin’ communities.

What’s the problem?

Media coverage of dog attacks and anti-social behaviour points the finger at dog breeds, rather than focusing on a dog owner’s responsibility to educate themselves on dog-rearing skills for a well trained companion. We aim to take a light-hearted approach to shifting the conversation away from blaming your loved companions, and rather, promote education for dog owners and let the good-dog-lovin’ times roll.

How do I get involved! (In three simple steps)

Step 1: Put your hand on your heart, and the other hand on your dog and take the #pledgeforpaws.

Step 2: Say out loud “I will be more active in educating myself about what it means (and how) to be responsible for my dog(s)”.

(Other alternatives may include “I love you man”/ “I’ll remember to scoop your poop”/ “Let’s go for a walk and get that Vit-D goodness” etc.)

Step 3: Go out with your companion, and show em’ how you take the cake for Best Dog Owner Ever Award. Your fellow neighbours/park locals/dog lovers/family and friends will see how great you are with your dog, and as you share tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to creating more dog-friendly communities in Sydney!

Take the Pledge (online)! 

  1. Like our Facebook page here  to follow the initiative (and your daily dose of dog meems)!
  2. Tweet us @pledgeforpaws and we’ll return the love
  3. Keep reading our blog!

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